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Benchmark Results Reveal New MacBook Pro, iMac Models

Geekbench has published some intriguing information recently on the unreleased Apple devices, with two new benchmark results hinting towards the rumoured new line of MacBook Pro and iMac devices.

Under the "MacBook Pro 9,1" title we can find important clues about the upcoming MacBook Pro model. The device is listed with an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3820QM quad-core processor, running at 2.7 GHz.

This new piece of information seems to confirm previous rumours on this matter. Geekbench has also pointed to a new motherboard.

At the beginning of this year, developers pointed out that the first OS X Mountain Lion preview version was hiding some important clues relating to a new motherboard model. The benchmark result points to a high score for the device.

The MacBookPro 9,1 managed to reach a score of 12,262, which is significantly higher than the current MacBook Pro models, which have scored an average 10,500. The website also lists the benchmark results relating to an iMac 13.2 product.

Apparently, this refers to a new line of iMacs featuring a 27-inch display. The processor in this case is an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770 quad-core chip running at 3.4 GHz.

Source: GeekBench

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