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DICE Could Be Planning CoD Elite Equivalent

A new rumour has surfaced suggesting DICE could be looking to release its own equivalent to Call of Duty Elite, catering specifically to Battlefield players. It's thought that it could be shown off for the first time at E3 and will be known as Battlefield Premium.

Battlelog already provides much of the stat tracking seen in the free version of CoD Elite, but the paid for package may be replicated by DICE. Battlefieldo says it will include some unique in-game items, along with a special knife and dog tags not available anywhere else. There will also be new assignments and camouflage options, allowing those that pay that bit extra to customise themselves and stand out.

This new service is rumoured to be launching on 4th June, which is the same day as DICE's E3 press conferance.

When Call of Duty Elite was initially rolled out, it was mired with many problems. Players were unable to connect as servers were overloaded, rendering much of the basic functions like stat tracking unusable.

It wasn't until a few months down the line when everything settled down. It's unknown how much business was lost due to the gaff, but it could be a fair chunk. DICE is no doubt hoping that its alternative offering won't be as problematic.

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