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Earphone Jack For iPhone 5 Appears Online

If we are to believe websites selling components for the upcoming sixth generation iPhone, we could soon build the device ourselves, even before the official release. A couple of weeks ago, an online retailer offered the home button key for the iPhone 5, just in case someone wants a replacement.

Now, it's time for anxious Apple fans who can't wait for the real thing, just to get parts for the upcoming iPhone 5: Wi-Fi cable headphone jack and earpiece, which comes from SW-Box.

The same website offered at the beginning of this month, a rumoured iPhone 5 SIM card. These newly emerged components might suggest that Apple plans a significant change, in regards to the internal design.

The headphone jack is attached to the ear speaker, unlike in the structure of the previous versions. iPhone 4 and 4S have the earphone jack integrated in a special component, along with the device's volume button and mute switch.

SW-Box has informed its visitors that these parts are currently out of stock. If someone interested had ordered the earphone jack, ear speaker and the WIFI component for iPhone 5, he or she would have paid $7.71 (£4.80) - for the whole package.

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