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GAME Oxford Street Store Could Be Forced To Close

GAME UK's flagship store on Oxford Street could be forced to close because of unpaid rent, due since before the company entered administration.

The landlord, Lazari, is arguing with adminstrators PwC and the new owners of the chain OpCapita, in an attempt to be paid the £100,000 it's been owed for three months advance rent on the store.

Despite the back and forth matter however, due to a court ruling last Friday that made it legally possible for Lazari to send bailiffs to force the locks on the store, it could mean that the landlord merely ejects the current tenants and installs new ones while continuing to fight the new GAME owners for its outstanding rent.

During the administration period, over 300 GAME outlets were closed, leaving several thousand staff with only a few weeks severance pay. If the Oxford Street store is forced to do the same, a few more could join that number.

It was reported this morning that GAME Australia has now entered administration as well, suggesting that the long standing UK and overseas game retailer is not out of the woods yet.

Source: Telegraph

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