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iOS 6 Code-Named Sundance

With the Worldwide Developers Conference fast approaching, many analysts and tech fans await Apple's next move - with the majority of the rumours pointing to a teasing reveal of iOS 6, if not the official release.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler believes iOS 6 is referred to in Apple's Cupertino headquarters as "Sundance". Whilst Apple hasn't officially confirmed the codename, tidbits of information relating to "Sundance" have already popped up in numerous reports.

The most dedicated Apple fans may remember names such as Alpine, Heavenly, Little Bea , Big Bear, Oktoberfest, Northstar, Kirkwood or even Durango as the names of previous iOS versions and upgrades. Some other codenames were inspired by wildlife and others, like Sundance, by ski resorts.

Other reports claim that Apple will include new iCloud functionality in its iOS 6. We briefly saw a new banner alert suggesting Apple has plans to make some changes in this area, with the possibility of them finding their way into iOS 6.

Source: TechCrunch

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