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ITProPortal Evening Roundup 14-05-12

With the technology world left reeling after news of Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson and his falsified degree came to light, there was immense pressure on the Sunnyvale company to get Thompson to resign from his role - with Third Point's Daniel Loeb urging the board to appoint an interim CEO. But now it seems his prayers have been answered, with Thompson stepping down and Yahoo!'s global head of media, Ross Levinsohn, acting as the company's interim chief.

GAME is once again in the headlines, this time Down Under, as the Aussie arm of the business enters administration just a month after the UK branch was saved from its similar fate by a purchase from OpCapita. As part of the announcement, Australia's Game Group has apologised to customers as it won't be able to refund any pre-order deposits for Diablo III - a game it won't be receiving any stock of - despite the fact that for now stores will remain open.

Apple recently decided to rebrand its latest tablet following investigations across the world regarding the new iPad's description as LTE enabled. In order to stop a potential global PR nightmare, Apple has chosen to label the third generation tablet as "iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular." This change will also take effect in the US and Canada, where the new iPad can support the local 4G LTE networks.

While the fate of the other Pirate Bay founders is relatively sealed at this point, Fredrik Neij's lawyer has announced he plans to take his case to the European Court, using his human right to share information - under Swedish Law - as reason enough to disallow all charges against him. "According to Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees citizens of Sweden the freedom to receive and impart information, we believe that Frederick Neij's right to freedom of expression has been denied him," said the attorney.

O2 has announced today that they will be using social media to decide which brands will feature on its O2 Priority Moments platform. Customers across the UK will be invited to cast their vote on which companies they wish to see on Priority Moments. These suggestions will then be used by O2 to campaign on the customers' behalf to gain these special deals.