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Lumia 900 In 10th Place On Amazon's Best Sellers List

Nokia is still selling well five weeks after the launch of the Lumia 900, with the black version of the handset occupying 10th place on the AmazonWireless best sellers list - managing to outdo every other Windows Phone.

The position reported resembles the selling figures of the Lumia 900 in partnership with AT&T, with the carrier holding exclusivity rights at the moment in the States. As mentioned, the black version of the model holds number ten in the list, while the cyan version has fallen to position number 21 - whilst the white variant is placed further down the list, at 56.

Although the black model is not considered to be as popular as the white version, let alone the cyan, the manufacturer did encounrter some problems with manufacturing these models. It's also transpired that AT&T in-store sales have managed to outspeed productivity quite recently, with Nokia having a hard time keeping the pace.

Taking a quick look through the list reveals that the Lumia 900 sells better than its Windows Phone competitor, the HTC Titan, which can be found at number 60. When it comes to other operating systems, the smartphone outsells the HTC One X, the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Nexus and even the Samsung Note, on certain carriers.

The sales momentum is expected to maintain, as the device recently hit Europe and can now be found as a Phones 4U exclusive, in the UK.

Source: AmazonWireless