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Nokia Reading App Starts The Global Rollout

The Finnish phone maker has announced to its fans the global rollout of its Nokia Reading app. As the title suggests, the new app is dedicated to readers wanting to access an entire library from the comfort of their smartphone.

The company plans to involve only the most renowned publishers in the project, including Penguin, Hachette, and Pearson. The specific purpose is "to launch a world class e-book and audiobook experience that's been designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia."

The app allows users to select their favourite book via a simple, elegant, graphical interface. Nokia smartphone owners will be able to browse a wide array of best-selling novels.

Before buying a book, they will also be able to check out a few sample pages, available for free. The app gives the users the choice to adjust the screen brightness and change the font size, in order to make the reading experience more comfortable.

The e-books will also be available for offline reading, once purchased. Nokia has also announced that new features will be added in the coming months.

One of these is the "news feed" allowing users to create a personalised magazine page, suited to their interests. According to recent reports, Nokia seem to have struck gold with its latest smartphone, the highly appreciated Lumia 900. In the US, customers can't get enough of the device and even Apple's Siri recommends it.

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