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Note AB Switches From Google Docs To Office 365

As the on-going cloud wars between Office 365 and Google Docs continues, Microsoft recently scored another win over Google, with electronics manufacturer, Note. Based near Stockholm, Note is one of the largest contract manufacturers of electronics equipment in Scandinavia, with nine factories and 900 plus employees in six countries. Note produces PCBs, sub-assemblies and box build products and offers services to its customers including whole product lifecycle, from design to after-sales.

It appears that Note had originally adopted the Google service in 2010 but had issues with the collaboration features not quite meeting its business needs. As a result, Note switched from Google to Office 365 and was fully immersed in Office 365 by the start of 2012. According to Mikael Johansson, IT and Process Development manager at Note, "Our employees can use Office 365 without additional training. Combined with the extended functionality in Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Lync Online, we think Office 365 offers much more enterprise value than Google."

One current challenge that businesses have with Google Docs is the lack of on-premises support. This is especially critical for executives who like to work on the go. To circumvent this issue, many users of Google Docs have Microsoft Office on their desktops and laptops, when for whatever reason, Google Docs is unavailable. Having both Google Docs and Microsoft Office means that users have to be familiar with both products, whereas users who have grown up with the Microsoft Office suite can continue to use the software without additional training and have the collaborative benefits included.

“Office 365 is a better fit with our overall IT strategy,” Johansson said. “Now we have a single environment we can use to help organise and share information between business teams and across multiple facilities and devices. Google offers no equivalent to the deep integration between Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online.”

Instead of managing multiple solutions from Google and other providers, Note has reduced the cost of maintenance, training and support costs involved with managing multiple third-party solutions by consolidating its collaboration environment with Office 365.