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Offline Facebook Chat Added To Windows Phone

Microsoft has just added a long-awaited feature to Windows Phone, allowing users to send messages to offline Facebook contacts right from the integrated Chat conversations software.

Although the mobile operating system from Microsoft has a high level of integration with social services - Facebook especially - it lacks the option of sending messages to those offline, offering the request to send an SMS text instead.

Now though, that issue has since been resolved, and users can leave offline messages without opening the Facebook application.

Concerning changes to the process, no visual adjustments have been made. The step by step procedure remains the same, with the OS advising the user to send an SMS message if a contact is offline. If this notification is ignored, the integrated Facebook client will deliver the message.

The feature was requested long ago by the community and it's nice to see that developers really take users' opinions into account. The new option is now available and does not require the installation of a new Windows Phone version.

Besides this addition, Microsoft's mobile OS threads every conversation history with existing contacts using the People Hub, while allowing to send SMS messages with one click of a button.

The software maker is betting hard on social media, integrating services deep within the OS and marketing its decision all over the world. Moreover, the latest rumours show that Microsoft could supply the platform for the first ever Facebook phone.

Source: WMPowerUser