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Samsung Galaxy S3’s PenTile Display Is Long Lasting

To date, the Android community appears to be quite happy with Samsung's high-end smartphones - but for the few nitpicking users, the South Korean's choice for a PenTile subpixel layout is the only downfall to the device.

The RGB alternative would have given a better colour display, according to reports. Users who don't like the PenTile screens complain that the image is not very crisp, as the ones delivered by the RGB screens.

Also, the colours are not accurately reproduced. Samsung's Super AMOLED displays without the PenTile subpixel layer have much more vibrant colours.

For many users, Super AMOLED screens are the main selling point when it comes to Samsung's devices. Philip Berne from Samsung recently explained why the South Korean manufacturer still employs PenTile technology.

He explained that the blue subpixels on the RGB AMOLED displays are deteriorating at a fast rate. This happens faster than that if tge green and red subpixels.

PenTile screens, however, last longer. As Samsung's smartphones have a life cycle of around 18 months, the company needs to make sure the devices will perform at their best during this timeframe. Despite its PenTile AMOLED displays, the latest Galaxy S3 was met with enthusiasm by the reviewers.

Source: MobileBurn


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