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Nokia Lumia 900 Is The Best Smartphone, According to Siri

When Siri was introduced to the market, last October, it was quite proud of its creators. If the user happened to ask about the best cell phone in the world, Siri would sassily reply "are there any other phones?"

Now, Siri has now found out there are other smartphones on the market and it even has a favourite: the Nokia Lumia 900. Moreover, Siri prefers the cyan model from AT&T.

In a recent article, confirmed by a demo video, reveals that if asked correctly, Siri does promote a rival product. The digital assistant points to Nokia's latest release, only if the user asks "what's the best cell phone ever?" without any variation.

Siri's answer is provided by data from Wolfram Alpha. This means, Siri is somewhat impartial, as it bases its answers on the online customers' reviews.

In the US, Nokia Lumia 900 has impressive user satisfaction ratings. The phone's average rating is 5 out of 5, which enables Wolfram Alpha to recommend the handset.

The fact that Apple doesn't control Siri's answers was revealed last December. At the time, Apple had to respond to accusations regarding Siri's lack of information, on birth control clinics.

Source: WmPowerUser

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