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Sony's Jack Tretton Opposed To Next Gen Used Game Block

The CEO of Sony Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, has revealed he isn't behind a block of used games on the next generation of consoles. While many developers have said they welcome the move, Mr Tretton believes that it would be "anti-consumer" to do so.

During an interview with analyst Michael Pachter, Tretton stated he was opposed to the idea saying that used games were "great for consumers." He did add the caveat however, that this was just his opinion and that the Japanese arm of the firm might think differently. With Kazuo Hirai - ex head of Sony's entertainment division - now heading up the Japanese electronics firm, it'll be interesting to see what direction he takes it.

Developer Crytek has been one of the most vocal about the future of used games, saying that it hoped for a block on the next-generation, believing that this would bring about more sales for the company.

Others believe that sales are based more around making a great game than whether or not people can buy a pre-owned copy.

Still it isn't the only one. Publishers have also targeted the used game market in the past couple of years, releasing Online-Pass DRM that prevents gamers from playing a game online unless they pay a small fee.

Image credit: Giant Bomb

Source: ThatVideoGameBlog

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