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Tim Sweeney Wants Lots More Power In Next-Gen Consoles

Founder and CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, has said he wants lots more power in the next generation of consoles, so that companies like Epic can continue to push the graphical envelope on platforms that he considers to have the "best graphics available in the whole game industry."

"The thing that separates consoles from FarmVille is the fact that consoles define the high-end gaming experience," he said in an interview with Gamasutra. He did however say that the next-gen systems would need to have more social interaction, allowing friends to hook up with one another via Facebook and similar social networks.

He said that there was always a big challenge with a new console, considering you were going from an owner base of millions down to zero. Starting from scratch, you have to convince everyone that it's worth it. His answer? Use hardware that blows everyone away graphically.

Of course Mr Sweeney has an ulterior motive here since his company produces its own very pretty game engine. He needs the hardware to be capable of handling Unreal Engine 4 or nobody would buy it.

In saying that consoles like the Xbox and PS3 have the best graphics, it also seems he's completely forgotten the PC platform, which has graphically outstripped consoles for several years. DirectX 11 features like tessellation have been around for ages and we're only beginning to move in that direction with home consoles.

No doubt the next generation of systems will have some impressive graphics - perhaps even temporarily outstripping the PC - but the humble personal computer and its upgradability will always keep it ahead of the curve.

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