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Windows Phone UK Rewarding App Developers

Microsoft has started a new rewards programme for Windows Phone developers in the UK, one which addresses new members as well as existing ones. Prizes vary from branded gadgets to premium subscriptions and even the chance to race in a Ferrari.

The scheme started a few days ago and subscription will be open to all existing Windows Phone application developers as well as new users. All those participating will receive one point for each application submitted, after the judges have evaluated and considered the software eligible for the Windows Phone Marketplace.

All titles must adhere to the usual requirements list as with any other app in the marketplace, which mainly addresses functionality and originality concerns.

Developers can redeem their points whenever they want and each point can be traded in for gadgets like a Microsoft Arc mouse or keyboard, an Xbox Live Gold membership or a new joystick.

They'll also have the opportunity to navigate a helicopter, take part in a 007 Powerboat Adventure, and even a 3-hour drive tour with four amazing cars: the Ferrari 360, Porsche GT3, Lamborghini Gallardo and of course, the Aston Martin.

As far as we know, rewards have a maximum limit of four points - and those exceeding this number will most likely have to choose a number of prizes from the official list.

Although Microsoft currently has the lesser-populated marketplace of all, the software manufacturer is definitely on the right marketing track.

Source: Windows Phone Rewards UK