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Word Web App for Keyboard Enthusiasts

Office 365's Word Web App has two important views - Editing View (default) and Reading View. Many users of the on-premises versions of Office 2010 are used to using the keyboard to format their document, as well as the mouse. This article summarises the keyboard shortcuts available in the Word App Reading and Editing Views.

Keyboard shortcuts for Reading View

Keyboard shortcuts for Editing View

There are a variety of useful keyboard shortcuts to help when working in the Editing View. These keyboard shortcuts can be subdivided into the following categories: ribbon navigation shortcuts, cursor move shortcuts, selection/highlight shortcuts, formatting shortcuts and editing shortcuts.

Ribbon navigation shortcuts

When first used, the Ribbon navigation keys can be confusing because it's not initially obvious what is being selected as selections are surrounded by a light dotted box. Once a tab or ribbon is selected, navigation is done via the [TAB] and [SHIFT+TAB] keys.

Document navigation shortcuts

Word Web App uses the standard Microsoft Word 2010 shortcut keys to move about the document.

Document selection shortcuts

The shortcuts in this section are used to select words, paragraphs or objects for editing. For instance, when you need to copy, italicise, or delete.

Apart from the whole document selection, the selection point for each of the above shortcuts begins from the position of the cursor.

Edit and format keyboard shortcuts

The edit and format shortcuts allow selected words, paragraphs and objects to be copied, moved or changed in some way.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of shortcut keys. Do remember that not all of the Microsoft Word 2010 keyboard shortcuts are supported because some of these shortcuts have different meanings depending on the browser that they are working in. All of the shortcuts listed in this article work perfectly in Internet Explorer and mostly within other browsers. If working with the keyboard is important to you, ensure you trial any unlisted shortcuts on a test document.