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£159.98 SanDisk Extreme 240GB Solid State Hard Drive

Price war for solid state drives is still on with SanDisk taking it to the next level with a price cut on its 240GB variant getting it to the sub-£160 mark.

The SanDisk Extreme SSD with SATA III interface is a great drive for quite a few purposes - be it for upgrade of your existing desktop / laptop; improving gameplay and application load times; or want to extend the lifetime of your current computer system.

The SSD will provide you with fast performance specifically visible when you have applications that require high amount of read / writes or in cases where your games are graphic-intensive. Not only will the SSD perform well in the above scenarios, it will also increase the overall speed of your desktop / laptop specifically its boot times.

This is evident from its seek time of 1ms and max read speeds of 550 Mb/s and max write speeds of 520Mb/s. Although the interface is of type SATA III, the SSD is compatible with SATA two interfaces as well.

Because the SSD doesn't have any moving parts, the overall operations of the drive is quiet and thanks to the backing of rigorous shock and vibration testing, the SSD is definitely going to perform well in rugged situations as well.

The SanDisk Extreme 240GB Solid State Hard Drive is available from Novatech for £159.98 delivered.