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Apple Will Introduce Thin, Powerful MacBook Pros With Intel Inside

The word on everyone's lips at the moment is that of Apple's new line of the MacBook Pro. Previous reports suggested that Apple might switch to Nvidia for graphic processors featured in the upcoming MacBook Pro. The devices are expected to be powered by Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips.

Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to add flash memory to its new laptop range. This move will allow the company to provide better battery life and an enhanced performance of its next generation laptops.

The MacBook Pro will be powerful but the design will also be an important feature, keeping in line with Apple's tradition of image. The reports suggest the devices will be even thinner than the current 0.95in model.

The laptops are expected to feature a slimmer, yet more robust body, due to the fact that they are no longer going to feature a CD/DVD drive. And the best news is yet to come, analysts believe.

Source: Bloomberg

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