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Apple Wins Appeal Victory Over Samsung In US

The latest instalment in the Apple versus Samsung legal jostling is that the Cupertino company has won a victory in a US appeals court, which means it can press ahead with an attempted product ban.

The ruling centres on a single patent which the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is alleged to have infringed. Previously, a judge in a California district court had decided that this particular patent was for an "obvious" design, in other words, that it holds no weight and shouldn't have been granted.

However, the appeal court judge ruled that this had been an error, and the case has been sent back to the district court to be looked at once again. So it's not an outright victory for Apple yet, but it's a step on the road.

The appeals court did, however, uphold the previous decision to refuse to grant Apple a preliminary injunction barring sales of Samsung tablets and smartphones, based on a trio of further patents pertaining to design and scrolling.

All this is part of a bigger patent war between the two companies. Last month, the two Chief Executives of both firms agreed they would meet in order to try and resolve some manner of settlement.

Whether this will actually happen or not, we shall see, but something will need to be done eventually. Despite all the bad blood between the lawyers, Apple and Samsung still do a lot of business together.

Source: Reuters