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Australian MP Comments On GAME Problems

Australian MP Bill Shorten has publicly voiced his concerns over GAME's Down Under administration, stating that job losses should be avoided at all costs.

Mr Shorten works as the minister for the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, so it's understandable why he would have some interest in the potential fallout from GAME's current situation. In a statement he said: "My first thoughts go out to workers and their families who will be treating this news with shock and concern. I have asked my Department to make contact with the administrators and I am monitoring the situation closely.

"I understand the administrators intend to operate on a business-as-usual basis insofar as this is possible and obviously this is welcome news. I encourage the administrators to consider their workforce and take all reasonable steps to operate the business as a going concern."

While no job losses have been publicly announced as of yet, Mr Shorten was keen to let employees know that if they are let go, they are entitled to benefit from the General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme.

GAME Australia entered administration yesterday, with PwC handling its affairs. During a similar situation with the UK arm of the business, several hundreds of stores were closed and thousands of employees were let go before OpCapita - owners of Comet - swooped in and purchased the chain before it could close up for good.

Hopefully something similar will happen Down Under.

Source: MCVUK

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