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Blizzard Refunds Out Of Pocket Diablo III Fans

Blizzard has made the unprecedented move to offer discounts to customers of GAME Australia, who found themselves out of pocket thanks to their Diablo III pre-orders not being honoured or refunded.

Anyone that put money down to reserve a copy of the hotly anticipated title was told yesterday that they wouldn't be receiving their copy because GAME simply hadn't been given any stock and they wouldn't get a refund either, as during administration, no funds can be released apart from to legitimate creditors. In a laughable suggestion, some were told that becoming an unsigned creditor was their best chance of seeing their money again.

Now though, those that purchase a digital copy of Diablo III direct from Blizzard and are able to show their GAME receipt will receive money off the purchase in line with what they initially laid out for the game.

Those who buy it have until 30th June to submit their receipt for credit with Blizzard, meaning if you just want to get in and play for now and sort out all that financial business later, you're able to.

Considering Blizzard was under no obligation to basically pay for GAME's gaffe, this is an astoundingly generous move. It's not known at this moment how many GAME customers were stiffed by the firm's actions, but it's likely to mean Blizzard misses out on thousands of Down Under dollars. Still, the positive press from such a move should more than make up for it.

Source: Kotaku

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