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Facebook Mobile App Redesign Makes Photos Three Times Larger

Look out world, Facebook has done something different (again) - and introduced a new mobile redesign that sees images in your news feed increase up to three times its original size. Yes, gone is the common trouble of squinty vision experienced by many an avid mobile Facebooker, for now we have a solution. Make them three times larger.

The company declared the news yesterday via its official site. "Starting today, we're rolling out an improved design for posts in news feed on your mobile phone," Facebook explained in a post. "Now photos are up to 3x larger, and all posts will fill your mobile screen from edge to edge."

The social network seems to be inspired from its acquisition of Instagram, and now displays thumbnails of the image as well as three times its size - meaning it occupies the full width of your smartphone's screen. Obviously, to make it easier to scroll through your news feed as Facebook adopts a more smartphone-savvy approach as they focus their efforts into employing a mobile strategy.

But more importantly, so people can waste up to three times as much time. I mean, view images up to three times its size.

Image credit: CNET

Source: TechCrunch

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