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Facebook Timeline Extends Post Longevity, Says Study

A study conducted by Sotrender has uncovered some pretty interesting results - the new Facebook timeline has actually increased user engagement.

Sotrender analysed the results a month after the change took place, exploring how the new design impacted upon fans engaging with their favourite brands, as well as the posting patterns of the brands themselves.

Monitoring 130 of the UK's largest brand pages on Facebook, approximately 5,000 posts were assessed during two separate two week timeframes in February and April 2012. Whilst Timeline didn't affect aspects such as the number of daily posts or even the likes and comments noted on each post, the results did however find that posts had a longer lifespan - with interaction on individual posts showing a significant increase.

The study stated "80% of all comments are made in circa 8 hours and 30 minutes (2 hours more than before Timeline)." However, Sotrender is quick to warn brands that whilst this does sound like good news, they should not take advantage of this fact by posting too often, as overdoing it might result in a loss of interest (as well as fans).

When it came to engagement, Facebook Timeline has resulted in a 13 per cent growth in engagement on individual posts - with an average of 158 fans interacting with posts prior to Timeline coming into effect. That figure has since gone up to 179, following Timeline's inception.

Source: TNW

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