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ITProPortal Morning Roundup 15-05-12

Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has revealed that the firm's greatly anticipated Tegra processor with built-in LTE connectivity will not be ready for launch until next year. The chipset, codenamed 'Grey', would be used in smartphones to give devices LTE connectivity, and would directly compete with Snapdragon chipsets from current top dog, Qualcomm. But it seems likely that customers waiting for Nvidia's new Tegra processor will have to wait until next year at least.

To date, the Android community appears to be quite happy with Samsung's high-end smartphones - but for the few nitpicking users, the South Korean's choice for a PenTile subpixel layout is the only downfall to the device. The RGB alternative would have given a better colour display, according to reports. Users who don't like the PenTile screens complain that the image is not very crisp, as the ones delivered by the RGB screens.

Nokia's next flagship smartphone, the 808 PureView, is hotly anticipated - and now the device price point has been leaked on the Nokia India website. The firm's Indian website has revealed that the price of the new 808 PureView will be INR 29,999, which works out at around £345.

A strong reason as to why developers won't invest in applications for the Windows Phone platform is the fact that it lacks information about the people that are currently purchasing said content. Questions including what Windows Phone users stand for, what they like and most of all, why they purchase this platform, remain unanswered.

While we're bashing our heads against the walls in an attempt to figure out what the next iPhone is going to look like, it appears that Apple is also doing the same. The wide array of reports suggesting Apple will introduce a new iPhone witha wider screen, a Liquidmetal back, a taller, slimmer body, or flexible display might actually be bogus. Usually, Apple develops more prototypes to test the design and functionality of the new range of products.