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ITProPortal Noon Roundup 15-05-12

Pirating may get a lot harder in the future, as a Microsoft funded Russian startup, called Pirate Pay, aims to kill all BitTorrent traffic and bring the entertainment industry a pirate-free future. Software developers recently built a system that tracks and shuts down the distribution of copyrighted material on BitTorrent, managing to successfully stop thousands of downloads in their first project.

Research commissioned by Microsoft has shown that some small to medium-sized businesses are adopting the cloud for security benefits, while other firms still see security as a barrier to heading skywards. The study was conducted by comScore across American and Asian SMBs, and found that 35 per cent of US companies indicated that they had benefited from higher levels of security since shifting to the cloud.

Here's another twist to add to the ongoing Yahoo! saga - former CEO Thompson reportedly has thyroid cancer. What with Yahoo!'s former CEO and his falsified degree as well as one of the company's directors stepping down, it's fair to say that the Sunnyvale camp hasn't exactly had the easiest of months. But since Thompson's resignation gave way to a new interim CEO, maybe - just maybe - Yahoo! has escaped the worst of its virtual injuries.

Twitter will soon be bringing the best of your news feed to your email, delivering a weekly roundup of the top stories from your timeline. Including the tweets and links you're most likely to be interested in based on those you follow on the microblogging site, the email will also consist of the "most engaging" stories and tweets other users saw in their own feeds, if retweeted or marked as a favourite by them.

The Finnish phone maker has announced to its fans the global rollout of its Nokia Reading app. As the title suggests, the new app is dedicated to readers wanting to access an entire library from the comfort of their smartphone. The company plans to involve only the most renowned publishers in the project, including Penguin, Hachette, and Pearson. The specific purpose is "to launch a world class e-book and audiobook experience that's been designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia."