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Jailbroken iPhones To Access New Blackberry 10 Keyboard

iOS users casting envious glances toward Blackberry 10's new keyboard look set to enjoy the feature's benefits on jailbroken devices.

RIM's on-screen, predictive keyboard offers suggested words above the keys as you type, allowing the user to swipe up and swiftly complete the word. This has prompted Czech developer Mario Hros to develop Octopus Keyboard, which incorporates the key features of the RIM solution and is sure to be popular among jailbreaking iPhone owners.

Octopus Keyboard currently remains in alpha state with Hros keen to add further features before its release - including auto-capitalising words, dealing with punctuation at the end of sentences and finding a better way to display longer words. The finished product is expected to appear around May 20th.

Source and Image Credit: The Verge