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LG Optimus 4X HD June Launch Confirmed

LG has confirmed that its quad-core 4X HD smartphone will be arriving in European territories, including the UK, in June.

Previous rumours we reported on had indicated that the smartphone was likely to land in June, or possibly early July. That's the sim-free version, and there's still no word on which networks will carry the device, or what the price tag will be.

The phone will also be out in Germany, Sweden, Italy and Poland next month.

Along with the HTC One X handset, LG's Tegra 3 powered phone will be going up against the Samsung Galaxy S III which is out in a couple of weeks.

The 4X HD has a quad-core CPU, and a similarly large 4.7 inch display which is a 720p resolution IPS screen. LG notes that web surfing, with many sites using a white background, will mean a longer battery life with its display, as opposed to the Galaxy S III's Super-AMOLED affair.

The Tegra 3 chip also offers power saving features with its fifth core, which can be utilised when the phone is tootling along doing basic tasks that don't require the meaty quad-core. It should be interesting to see how the device performs in battery life tests.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for those all important pricing details and network tariffs.