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Microsoft To Allow PC Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro For Only $14.99

It seems that Microsoft will not overprice its upcoming upgrade for the Windows 8 Pro promotion, available only to those who purchased a Windows 7 based machine. As previously speculated, the promotion will begin on 2nd June and is rumoured to cost customers just $14.99.

A couple of days ago, sources reported that Microsoft will launch its traditional upgrade program for the new Windows version roughly around the same time as the Release Preview.

Unlike previous editions, where Microsoft allowed customers to upgrade the operating system for free once the latest verion had been released, owners will now have the chance to upgrade from a Windows 7 Home Basic (or higher) version to Windows 8 Pro, for just $14.99.

Microsoft was quick to point out that sales for Windows 7 will not be affected, and expect a huge increase in revenue thanks to this savvy bargain. The price is considered to be quite a catch as Windows 8 Pro comes with extended features beyond the standard edition, including features such as virtualisation, encryption as well as many others.

The software maker will also release the typical Windows 8 upgrade plans, which will allow owners to add new features to the upcoming OS, direct from the "Add Features" panel. Up to now, these additions are known to only be used when moving from the standard to Pro edition or, when adding Windows Media Centre.

Source: WinSupersite