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Nvidia & Intellectual Ventures Grab Wireless Patents

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has announced it is acquiring some 500 mobile communications patents from IPWireless in a joint agreement, with the patent-holding company Intellectual Ventures.

The portfolio, which covers technology related to LTE and 3G/4G networks, will be jointly owned by Nvidia and IV, with Nvidia licensing the rights to those patents it didn't acquire. Though the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, IPWireless will retain royalty-free rights to all patents acquired by the duo.

"These patents, acquired in collaboration with Intellectual Ventures, will help support our rapidly expanding efforts in the mobile business", said Nvidia executive vice-president and general counsel David Shannon in a statement released Monday.

Nvidia has long been dominant in the arena of high-end graphics chips used in notebook and desktop computers, but the California-based company is attempting to gain ground in the smartphone and tablet microprocessor market. Last year, Nvidia purchased the cellular modem company Icera in a bid to ramp up its position in the mobile chip market.

Source: Reuters