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Open WiFi Owner Not Liable For Piracy On Network

A Finnish court has set a legal precedent by declaring the owner of an open Wi-Fi network that was found to be used to download copyright protected files, not liable for the activity.

Copyright lobbyists would have everyone believe that if you own the platform, be it a website like The Pirate Bay or a Wi-Fi network, you are responsible for what happens on it. However, the District Court in Finland has turned this principle on its head, giving a great citable example to anyone brought into court due to presumed illegal file sharing.

The woman in question was charged by the local anti-piracy group, CIAPC, for downloading content owned by the entertainment firms it represents. However, the supposed offence occurred during a gathering of over 100 people at the defendent's house.

Instead of caving to the settlement fee of 6,000 euros, the woman fought the case and has ultimately come out on top. With no way to prove that she was the one behind the infringement, the court threw the case out, declaring her not liable for any charges.

This ruling comes at a good time for several people in Finland, as they are set to be charged for illegally sharing songs on The Pirate Bay. However, considering the only details the lobbyists have to link them to the piracy is an IP address, it would be pretty simple for each of the defendants to show that their Wi-Fi network is consistently unsecured.

Source: TorrentFreak

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