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PC Modders Create John Hanlon Fundraising PC

When the modding community discovered that long time mentor of many, John Hanlon, was suffering from incurable asbestos poisoning, there was only one rightful way to respond: they built a custom gaming machine as a charity fundraiser.

Currently available on eBay and going for the sum of $1,275, the JohnHanlon303 tribute machine is quite a beautiful creation. Using the Fractal Define R3 chassis it features custom artwork of a bald eagle dragging two American flags across the front and side panels, contrasting beautifully with the white paint job.

The side window has been replaced with a new clear cast acrylic, allowing you to see the customised internals in all their glory. There's barely a cable to be seen, allowing all the attention to be drawn to the bubbling, custom water cooling loop, featuring handmade components from other bit-tech forum members. These include a great looking waterblock and DDC waterpump made specifically for this build.

To top off the cooling system, there's a dual fan radiator at the top and bottom, mounted with custom grills and quiet spinning fans.

In terms of the actual hardware, there's an Intel 2500k, twinned with a Zotac-donated GTX 580 and 16GB of Patriot-donated Viper Extreme DDR3. Patriot was also kind enough to throw in a 120GB Pyro SSD.

Gamers will find this bundle equally useful, since the system also comes with a Steelseries mouse, keyboard and headset.

If you want to help John out with his condition, bid on the PC. Or if you'd rather send direct, or just give a little less than the current asking price, the donation page is here.

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