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Some SMBs Adopting Cloud For Security Benefits

Research commissioned by Microsoft has shown that some small to medium-sized businesses are adopting the cloud for security benefits, while other firms still see security as a barrier to heading skywards.

The study was conducted by comScore across American and Asian SMBs, and found that 35 per cent of US companies indicated that they had benefited from higher levels of security since shifting to the cloud.

A third said they spent less time worrying about cyber attacks after going to the cloud, and American companies that had adopted the cloud said that they spent a third less time every week managing security. A reduced security spend was also noted, with 20 per cent of cloudy firms having cut expenditure on that front over the last three years.

Adrienne Hall, general manager, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, noted: "There's a perception that security is a barrier to cloud adoption. Yet when companies embrace and invest in cloud services, they find the benefits far outweigh previous concerns."

Indeed, that perception is still in place for many SMBs, as 40 per cent of those non-cloud using businesses cited security concerns as the main reason for not making the leap. Two-thirds wanted to see industry standard security measures in place for the cloud, which would give them the confidence to make the transition.

Eighteen per cent of non-cloud using companies do intend to shift to the cloud in the coming year, but a third said they had "no intention" of doing so, while half were undecided.

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