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Sony PS3 And Bravia To Push Sport Coverage

Sony is joining up with the BBC to increase access to certain sports on its PlayStation 3 console and Bravia TVs, making a new application available for all users.

Set to be released in time for Wimbledon this year, it won't replace any current applications and will instead offer extra content in the form of different camera angles and extra streams - which sounds like it'll include all the shots the producer deems less exciting.

Of course the London Olympics will feature heavily on the new app. This is the first time that every event will be broadcast live, so there will be plenty of content available for applications such as this. According to Games Industry, there will be 24 separate channels within the app.

"Launching this app to millions of PS3 owners in the UK will be a very welcome addition to PlayStation's universal entertainment credentials," said Sony's UK marketing manager Alan Duncan.

With the attention the Olympics is going to get and people watching it on varied platforms, Sony would be foolish not to attempt to gather up some of that audience. It seems unlikely anyone will buy a Bravia TV or PS3 just for this feature, but it all helps.

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