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UK Pre-Order Available For Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

Mobile Fun has listed a selection of 'original' (i.e. Genuine) accessories for the new Samsung Galaxy S III mobile phone. These accessories are now available, for pre-order in the UK.

The 'Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 C-Pen' has a round-ended stylus with a soft tip, so as not to damage the device's screen. As an 'official Samsung product' the stylus allows control and precision, whilst using the phones' buttons. Using the stylus also eliminates any fingerprint smearing. This will be available for £19.99.

The 'Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi Display Hub' links the smartphone to a TV display. It plugs straight into the TV's HDMI port and syncs wirelessly to the Galaxy S3. Movies, games and music can be streamed seamlessly from a phone to the big screen. The hub will set you back by £79.95, although this may be a different product to the AllShare Play.

The 'Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger' will cost £34.99 and features a microUSB port to allow charging. The holder also features an LED light that indicates when the battery is being charged, and when the battery is full. The pack also includes a spare battery.

Finally, the "Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover' in Chrome Blue protects the smartphone, whilst not adding any additional bulk to the device. The flip cover replaces the battery cover of the S3 and protects the phone's screen with a 'flexible rubber bumper', which clips to the back when not in use. The flip cover will cost £29.95. Samsung Galaxy S II Accessories