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£79.99 Xenta HT-533USB 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System

Upgrade your existing home entertainment setup; experience more immersive multimedia experience accompanied by a 5.1 channel audio or do a lot more with the home theatre sound system from Xenta - the HT-533USB.

Equipped with high performance speaker drivers, each of the speaker delivers clear, crisp and superior sound that has a wider dynamic range and with great power output, volume and bass controls (present on the 8" sub-woofer), you are definitely in for an audio output that would blow you away.

With a total of 5 speaker units (2x3" front, 3" centre, 2x3" rear) and an 8" sub-woofer, the HT-533USB outputs a total power of RMS 125W. The front and rear speakers deliver 30W each (15W + 15W) power and the centre speaker delivers 15W output with 50W coming from the sub-woofer. Thanks to the slim design, the sub-woofer with bass reflex port provides a full body rich sound with powerful bass.

You can play all your favorite music directly from an external drive or a USB flash pen or a SD card. Connectivity interfaces include 2 x analog audio input for AUX / DVD, 2 x 6.3 Microphone In and 5 x satellite out.

The Xenta HT-533USB 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System is available from eBay for £79.99.