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Apple To Launch iPad Mini Before Christmas

Pacific Crest analyst, Andy Hargreaves, has released a research note on Apple's upcoming products - along with some devastating information that could see its television fanatics' hopes dashed. He believes it is very unlikely Apple will ever really enter the TV market.

We might, however, be fortunate enough to see another iPad making its appearance later this year - conveniently around the Christmas period. Despite numerous rumours, reports and confirmed information from Apple's partners, Hargreaves stands firm in his belief we won't get to see the rumoured Apple HDTV very soon.

"Investment in Apple television makes little sense without a unique TV content offering," states the analyst. "An Apple television could drive substantial profitability if it helped Apple capture service provider profits. However, we do not expect U.S. broadcast or cable networks to provide Apple content if it risks cannibalizing existing revenue, which makes a unique Apple service and an Apple television unlikely."

Hargreaves does however have an optimistic prediction, albeit a significantly smaller one.

He suggests Apple will release the long-rumoured iPad mini at the end of the year. With this device, Apple will try to position itself in a different market and appeal to the more budget conscious users. The smaller iPad with its 7.85in 1,024 × 768 pixel display will be available for $299 (£187), a little higher than previously estimated.

Source: Forbes

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