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Barclaycard Announces Fully Contactless Music Festival

Music fans attending this summer's Barclaycard Wireless Festival in Hyde Park can leave their wallets at home. The festival will be the UK's first cashless music event, Barclaycard has announced.

The three-day festival, which will be headlined by Deadmau5, Drake and Rihanna, will be entirely contactless-enabled, meaning all concessions and merchandise can be paid for sans cash or card. Lucky attendees will be sent Barclaycard's wearable PayBand, a wristband featuring wave-and-pay technology -- no signatures or PINs needed.

Purchases of up to £20 can be made using PayBand, as well as other contactless cards and Barclay's mobile sticker PayTag. PayBands can be topped up online beforehand or at the festival using any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card (but then you're still taking a credit card to the event! ed.).

PayBands will be unusable after the festival and any money left over will be refunded onto the original card. As for the inevitable losses and thefts, Barclaycard offers a fraud refund guarantee.

Those wanting to be among the first to try it out can apply online beforehand. But for the PayBand-less, cash and cards will be accepted at the festival.