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A Brief Overview Of Korea's World IT Show 2012

ITProPortal visited the World IT Show 2012 in Seoul, Korea, which took place at the same time as the 8th Korea Communications Conference.

The event, which started on the 15th of May and lasts till the 18th of May, aims to bring together the best of technology globally as its name implies.

However, we were left a tad unimpressed by what we saw. Out of the 250 or so exhibitors, the only two major international names we saw at the WITS 2012 were Panasonic and Qualcomm, with two other local Chaebols, LG and Samsung, having the two biggest stands and continuing a rivalry that lasts in other technology shows as well.

Having been to the likes of CES, MWC, Computex and CeBIT in the past, we can undoubtedly say that the World IT Show 2012 has some way to go before it compares to those aforementioned shows and becomes an unmissable event on the annual calendar of technology journalists.

The show is hosted by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), Korea's Communications Commission (KCC), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS) which means that it has massive political backing, a fundamental ingredient for any successful technology show.

What it now needs to do is sell (much) itself better both to journalists and to companies outside Korea (to stay true to its World IT Show moniker) by emulating what CES have been doing for so many years ago. Get enough buzz going through product launches (the LG 55in OLED TV for example was launched at CES four months ago), big name keynote speakers and a smarter choice of dates, possibly a few months later to avoid the clash with Computex.

It could also be a better strategy to align WITS with the three other conferences taking place at the same time, the World Information and Communications Summit 2012, the KANZ Broadband Summit 2012 and the 8th Korea Communications Conference (KCC) in order to kickstart a virtuous circle by attracting the right audience, reducing any overlap and making better use of resources.

Ultimately, like it did for Taiwan years ago, WITS could help the rest of the world discover Korea's other technology brands (outside LG and Samsung) as well as its vibrant research and development community.

PS : The pictures below were taken on the second day of the event, between 0930 and 1030. WITS starts at 1000.


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