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Facebook To Stream Best Film Of All Time

Drop whatever it is you have planned for tonight, and make sure you grab some popcorn, tissues and your laptop - Facebook will be treating viewers to a one-night screening of one of the greatest films of all time, Casablanca.

In honour of the film's 70th anniversary, Facebook users will be able to stream the film direct from the movie's brand page today at 7pm (EST) - however, there's two sets of bad news to accompany this piece. Firstly, the feature is only available for those in the US and secondly - only one screening per account is allowed.

Don't blame me, blame the press release: "movie fans across the United States are invited to microwave some popcorn and gather by the warm glow of the computer monitor to enjoy a complimentary showing this timeless love story at 7 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT."

Comments posted on the Casablanca Facebook page have suggested that the screening will not be available in Europe, with many wondering why announce a local event on a global platform.

Users in Australia didn't have much luck either, after being met with the following message: "Sorry this content is not available in your region."

Maybe we'll stick to our original plans.

Source: Register

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