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Google Chrome Now Syncs Tabs Across Devices

If you're like me - multitasking your way through both your online and offline worlds - you're more than likely to keep a number of Chrome tabs open when browsing the Web. Although it's pretty thoughtful that Google remembers said tabs even after quitting the browser, have you ever thought - if only there was a way Chrome could sync the tabs from my work computer to my home laptop? No? Well not to worry, as Google Chrome has come up with such an invention.

The newest version of Chrome (19.0) now lets users view tabs across all their devices - all the way from desktop to smartphone. Whilst there's currently a beta version for the Android, a rumoured iPhone version will soon be winging its way to Apple users.

And to really blow your mind, the feature also remembers your browsing history - so going backwards and forwards to find your place is also made possible, courtesy of Google's shiny new function.

All you have to do to join the Chrome-shaped revolution is sign in with your Google account and just like that - you can keep tabs on all your tabs.

Source: PCWorld