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Google’s Project Glass Not As Full-On As Preview Suggested

It seems that Google's augmented reality specs, codenamed Project Glass and revealed early last month, won't be quite as full-on as the initial promotional video indicated.

Not that this is a particularly massive surprise, in a sort of "tech giant builds hype about new project shocker" kind of way.

The initial promo material showed the augmented reality glasses projecting a full colour HUD overlay to the wearer's eye, but CNET discovered on a visit to the big G, that in fact Project Glass will utilise a display which will be viewable above the wearer's line of sight.

The small screen will display information to the user which will appear "about where the edge of an umbrella might be", a spokesperson for Google said.

It's also clear that it's still very early in the development of the project, with the spokesperson adding that: "It's still too early to know what the functions and UI will be." Although the capabilities of the specs at the moment include snapping photos and sharing them on Google+.

Google also secured a trio of patents for Project Glass today, as it moves forward with development, and faces the prospect of rival devices emerging in the future. Almost as soon as Project Glass was revealed in the first week of April, setting the Internet abuzz, various tech companies were allegedly mulling their own versions.

Source: CNET