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HMV Thinks Music And Film Could Learn From Games Industry

HMV has spoken about the Diablo III launch event it held a couple of nights ago, comparing it only to the launch of World of Warcraft. Nothing else comes close apparently, something it feels the music and film industry should take note of.

Speaking with VG247, HMV's Gennaro Castaldo said that he thinks "music and film should be here. Our two biggest ever launches in HMV's history are games related: Diablo III and World of Warcraft and nothing's come close, I'd say."

Thanks to his 30 year tenure at the firm, Castaldo is uniquely placed to comment on launches at HMV. He said that the only thing that came close to either of the giant game launches, was the 1997 Oasis Album 'Be Here Now'. He described the entire thing as being geared towards the niche market and really catering to it, showing you care.

"I think if the music and film industry could bottle up what is here, they'd be a very happy business because there's change happening in their business. They can't quite understand it, they don't quite know what their customers or their fans want, how they're behaving.

"Whereas if I was a games publisher or distributor, I'd be very happy because I'd know I'd have the most loyal fans anywhere on the planet that are into games. This is an incredible response and it's one I feel very privileged to be witnessing."

With over 2 million pre-orders, it's not surprising that the Diablo III launch happened without a hitch. Apart from the server problems.

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