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ITProPortal Evening Roundup 16-05-12

Since Twitter's launch six years ago, the microblogging site has come over cyber leaps and virtual bounds to be known as one of the world's most popular and renowned sites. And theres's one part of the world in particular that is clearly a fan of Twitter, with 10 million active users in the UK appreciating the service. This new statistic means that the UK is the fourth largest Twitter nation on Earth, with roughly one in six Brits registered with the site.

Google has secured a trio of patents covering its Project Glass, the augmented reality (AR) spectacles which first came to light at the beginning of last month. The trendy looking glasses are Android powered, and flash up notifications directly in the wearer's field of vision.

If you happen to be either a student or a hard gamer with a fascination for Apple, then we've got some good news for you. The iPad mini is due to be released at Christmas, so you've got plenty of time to adjust your Christmas wish list accordingly. The latest report says that Apple's long rumoured iPad mini is going to boost Apple's sales to schools and gamers who enjoy a spot of gameplay on their mobile devices.

The release of Apple's rumoured smaller iPad is not a question of "if" but rather, "when." According to recent information, Apple might employ thin-film touch technology for the device. Tech writers have agreed that Apple is going to introduce a more affordable 7.85 in iPad with a price tag of just under $300. The device is expected to make its appearance sometime before the end of this year.

If you're like me - multitasking your way through both your online and offline worlds - you're more than likely to keep a number of Chrome tabs open when browsing the Web. Although it's pretty thoughtful that Google remembers said tabs even after quitting the browser, have you ever thought - if only there was a way Chrome could sync the tabs from my work computer to my home laptop? No? Well not to worry, as Google Chrome has come up with such an invention.