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Nvidia Unveils GeForce GRID For Cloud Gaming

We've already witnessed the revelation of the VGX platform for enterprise today, but Nvidia has also unveiled a cloud gaming innovation - the GeForce GRID.

This Kepler-based piece of GPU wizardry is capable of powering remote gaming services, allowing the streaming of top end games to lower end devices which wouldn't otherwise be able to handle them. Nvidia also claims the system doesn't suffer from lag to the degree of current cloud gaming platforms.

The system was demonstrated at the GPU Technology Conference, where an LG Cinema 3D TV was shown running a Gaikai app connected to a GeForce GRID GPU in a server 10 miles away. A "highly complex PC game" was shown running lag-free, though Nvidia doesn't mention if there was any scaling back of graphics from full HD resolution to achieve a smooth frame rate.

Still, it all sounds very promising. Brett Waldman, senior research analyst, Client Virtualization, IDC, commented: "GeForce GRID delivers the type of experience I associate with HD game and entertainment consoles. With GeForce GRID, it'll no longer necessary for gamers to commit $60 upfront to play their AAA game of choice.

"Over the next three years, gaming-as-a-service providers have the potential do more than disrupt living room gaming norms. Cloud gaming further enables true cross-platform play on connected PCs, media tablets and smartphones - while cutting piracy off at the knees."

Cutting pirates off at the knees? Demand for wooden legs is going to shoot up...