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Samsung Receiving "Huge Orders" For Flexible OLED Displays

Last year, Samsung showed off its impressive flexible OLED displays, later naming them "Youm" with an expected release date of around late 2012.

Despite many analysts wary of the technology reaching consumers any time soon, it turns out they could be wrong - as Samsung has just announced that the company has received "huge orders" for flexible OLED displays.

Samsung informed its fans and the media that the flexible displays will be ready for release by the end of this year, with mass manufacturing to start in the third quarter of this year.

Samsung Electronics Chairman, Kwon Oh-Hyun, believes OLED displays will replace LCD in the next four years. Last July, Samsung revealed the Galaxy S Skin concept considered by many as an "experiment in awesomeness".

The device was able to fold and bend in every direction, thanks to the flexible "Graphene SP AMOLED Natural User Interface", with the flexible display technology nicknamed "Youm".

The technology behind Youm relies on four layers of material: polariser, encap (film), organic layer and TFT (film). By removing glass from the equation and replacing it with a plastic substrate, the screens can then bend and flex any which way.

Source: Korea Times

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