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Windows Phone Marketplace Has Over 90,000 Apps

Microsoft's plans of growth in the Windows Phone Marketplace seem to be working, as the mobile software portal has successfully reached the 90,000 mark. This number is also expected to increase, with almost 300 applications being submitted daily.

The data comes from a WP7AppList member and counts all existing software from the 65 Marketplaces Windows Phone has worldwide. To be more precise, yesterday morning there were 90,327 unique apps, also including those that are inactive.

The number is way higher than the one displayed on the official website, but the difference can be found in the method to count this statistic. It seems that the usual survey does not count all markets and mainly focuses on the ones developed in USA.

Speaking of worldwide markets, Microsoft is expected to roll out the WP Marketplace to 12 other marketplaces, thus extending the count furthermore. Also, the service reports that 303 of these apps are updated on average each day and more than 300 submissions are sent daily to Microsoft.

If this rate maintains, the Windows Phone Marketplace should reach the 100,000 peak in approximately one month.

Data also shows that around 82,000 of these apps can be found in the US Marketplace, while 11,217 are inactive. A high rate of software can also be installed without charge, with 66 per cent of the programmes being free.

Source: WMPowerUser