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YouTube Ads Target Light TV Viewers, According To YouTube

YouTube has released a new infographic looking to explain the viewing habits of its users, specifically light TV watchers. It explains in the image that if you want to target this group, the best place to advertise is on the video streaming site.

According to the release, 20 per cent of the lightest TV viewers don't subscribe to cable and are much more likely to view content on their smartphone or desktop. They're usually young, below the age of 49, with a college education and they tend to be very well-off too.

So if you want to target this group, how exactly does YouTube and by proxy, Google, recommend you go about it? Apparently performing an ad campaign through YouTube and Google's Display Network results in not only an overall 27 per cent impression increase over traditional TV ads, but results in a 63 per cent increase in light TV viewers seeing the ad, simply because of who they are - light TV viewers.

As well as the increased exposure, the infographic points out that it also costs 92 per cent less to advertise with YouTube than it does with TV networks.

It seems like a bit of a no-brainer really.

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