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£29.99 Hercules ePlug 200 Mini Pass Thru Duo Kit (2 Adapter Pack)

The Hercules ePlug HomePlug is a powerline adapter kit (twin pack) that would enable you to use the existing electricity wiring of your home and establish a computer network without the need for laying long cables.

With a data transfer speed of 200 Mbps, the powerline adapter is an ideal way to convert your electricity sockets into high speed data connectors that would allow you to add new desktops / laptops / SMART TVs to your existing home or office network. There is no need for elaborate series of steps and you will be connected to the network in just a few minutes.

Some adapters would block your existing wall sockets - meaning that they can't be used as power sockets any more. But, in case of the Hercules ePlug, the built-in filtered electrical outlet leaves the socket free to be used for connecting electrical devices or a power strip as required.

Security is pre-built into the system thus keeping your data safe. There is this connect button that may be used to pair new adapters in the network. In case you do have some adapters from other vendors, worry not as the Hercules will be compatible with them if they are HomePlug AV certified.

The Hercules ePlug 200 Mini Pass Thru Duo is available from for £29.99 on pre-order.