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£74.99 Hitachi 2TB Touro Desktop Hard Drive

It seems that days of expensive storage options are passing by as prices are going back to pre-Thailand flood days. The Hitachi Touro desk hard drive is no exception to this.

With storage space of 2TB, the Hitachi Touro HDD provides you with ample space to stash away your multimedia treasure thus allowing you to free up space onto your desktop or laptop internal hard drive. The 3.5" HDD is finished in black giving it a modern look.

Usability has been taken care of by Hitachi with plug and play simplicity and ensuring that even the most novice of computer users can use the Touro without any need for elaborate set of steps. With Hitachi's quality and reliability, the Touro will perform as expected.

Advanced users can setup backup software for automatic backup of their laptop or desktop data. You can enjoy two levels of data protection, with both local and cloud backup for protection of your photos, movies, music and documents and access them anytime, anywhere, from any smartphone or computer web browser.

The Touro is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7, Apple MacOS X 10.5 or later operating systems.

The Hitachi 2TB Touro Desktop Hard Drive is available from eBuyer for £74.99.