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Apple Fires Back At Siri Accusers

The iPhone manufacturer doesn't pull any punches, when it comes to defending Siri's honour in court. A couple of months ago, Apple was accused of false advertising, when it came to promoting Siri's capabilities.

The plaintiffs have sued Apple for breaching California's Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law, and Consumers Legal Remedies Act. To respond to these accusations, Apple filed a motion to dismiss the class-action suit.

The company has explained in detail that the plaintiffs don't have any legitimate issues with Siri's accuracy, in providing answers. Apple's lawyers have pointed out that their adversaries in court have vague objections, about Siri's inabilities and their claims are highly individualised.

Moreover, they have no deep knowledge about Apple's ways of communication with its customers. Siri's detractors haven't asked for refunds when they noticed the product was not according to their expectations, which, claims Apple, makes them suspicious in seeking unjust payments.

Siri's accusers "seek to take an alleged personal grievance about the purported performance of a popular product and turn it into a nationwide class action under California's consumer protection statutes", states the motion.

Without identifying specific problems with Siri's functionality, the case has no grounds, notes Apple. Moreover, Siri is still in a beta stage, which grants the service a certain level of imprecision.

Source: SlashGear

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